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Grand Theft Auto 5 Torrent is Malware

If you're looking for a pirated copy of Grand Theft Auto 5, you might want to just wait until the game drops on Sept. 17th.  The torrent floating around out there right now isn't GTA5 at all.  It's more like Grand Theft Wallet.  What happens with this malware is that you're promised an access code to the game if you fill out a survey.  Once you complete the survey, you have to send an SMS message to get a confirmation code.  It doesn't sound so bad yet, but it turns out that sending the SMS charges you $1.32.  And that charge recurs every day until you contact your mobile provider and have them reverse it.  Oh, and there is no actual game either.  While the torrent has been beefed up to a large size to make it seem as though it contains the game, it's not even GTA5.  In fact, it's some other game called The Cave, which probably won't work either.



It may have "Theft" in the title, but stealing it is just a good way to get malware.


From PCMag:
"The easiest way to avoid this malicious software is to not illegally download copies of GTA V. Especially when the game isn't launching until the middle of September, and no PC version has been announced. Come on, guys."


Wise words!  Although I'm sure a lot of us are looking forward to this title, we've still got about two weeks to wait.

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Re: Grand Theft Auto 5 Torrent is Malware

I remember the days when I thought running code of unknown origin and legitimacy was a perfectly reasonable thing to do.


I was 14.

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Re: Grand Theft Auto 5 Torrent is Malware

Unfortunately age doesn't tell us much, you could be 16 now for all we know. Smiley Happy


Running code of unknown origin was imho never a reasonable thing to do. I guess we have all done it at one point in time, with a variety of outcomes.


I'll probably buy GTA 5 sometime after it's been release when it's on sale or something. Have had great fun with the first 4 (and some of it's addons)

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Re: Grand Theft Auto 5 Torrent is Malware

The last time I ran code of unknown origin, popcorn starting coming out of my speakers. Lesson learned.