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Honesty is the best policy when it comes to security

Comment: This should go without saying......honesty relationship between customers and company is a vitial component.



By Sean Newman  Posted on July 24 2014



It has never been harder for businesses to build and preserve a relationship of trust with their customers. The rise of increasingly sophisticated, and targeted, cyber-attacks means there are more threats to watch out for than ever before. But letting just one slip through the net could spell disaster and damage even the strongest of partnerships, beyond repair. Just ask any major organization that has lost confidential customer data through a security breach.

When online retailer eBay reported that its network had been compromised earlier this year, it's no wonder that its message to customers was "the trust and security of eBay members is our top priority". The need to maintain trust in the face of a successful hack is critical.


Organizations that suffer cyber-attacks usually see not only a drop in their share price, but also in customer numbers. After all, in such an ultra-competitive business landscape, customers have many options for where to take their business.


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Community Leader