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Horrifying confessions of a security sleuth

Reading this article is pretty disturbing, I really hope the cases indicated are not as wide spread as they appear.


How bad is computer security in the business world? Complete disarray, if you believe a friend of mine who's worked in the industry forever. Behold his hair-raising tales


By Eric Knorr | InfoWorld




"I often look for overly permissive permissions on shared files and folders. At this one company, one of largest in the world, I found that their logon folder -- which every computer and user in the company had access to and used to log on to the company's worldwide network -- all the files were marked Everyone Full Control. This meant that any employee could modify the files, perhaps launch a key-logging Trojan or malicious worm, and immediately infect the whole environment. This particular security permission had been set over 10 years ago."


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Retired Webrooter
Retired Webrooter

Re: Horrifying confessions of a security sleuth

This is pretty scary.  But from what I've seen working in various businesses, completely true.