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How I Hacked My Home, IoT Style

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How I Hacked My Home, IoT Style

By" David Jacoby Posted on 8/27/2014


It didn't take long to find a score of vulnerabilities in my home entertainment, gaming, and network storage systems.

Very often new terms get over-hyped in the IT security industry. Today, as we all look to find out more about the Internet of Things, the typical residence can easily have five devices connected to a home network that aren't computers, tablets, or cellphones. As users in this connected environment, we need to ask ourselves "What's the current threat level?" and "How vulnerable am I?"

Most people know what a computer virus is, that we should have strong passwords, and that it's important to install the latest security patches. But many of us (even those with an IT-security mindset) still focus primarily on protecting our traditional endpoints and forget that there are other devices connected to our networks.

For this reason, I decided to conduct research that would identify how easy it would be to hack my own home. Are the devices connected to my network vulnerable? What could an attacker actually do if these devices were compromised? Is my home hackable? I determined to look for real, practical, and relevant attack vectors to see whether it was.


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