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How Israel is rewriting the future of cybersecurity and creating the next Silicon Valley

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How Israel is rewriting the future of cybersecurity and creating the next Silicon Valley

By Jason Hiner  TechRepublic


Cybersecurity in Israel involves a lot more than repelling hackers on the Internet.


While the Israeli Defense Forces are known for their effectiveness and resourcefulness, as you approach the Palmahim Airbase south of Tel Aviv you might be surprised to discover that this is a world-class military facility..............


As we drive past the building and head toward our rendezvous, our two IDF handlers turn around and smile and remind us of the rules. The person we're going to meet can only be referred to as "Major S," for safety and security reasons. While our handlers are both young ladies with an air of sweetness and optimism about them, on this point they speak with an unequivocal authority and finality--despite the smiles.,,,,,,,,,,,,,


Israel, the innovator



In one sense, Israel is defined and bolstered by threats against it.

That's also how Israel has created such a center of excellence around cybersecurity. The combination of the country's perpetual concern with defense and its technological prowess have turned cybersecurity into one of its most important exports. In 2013 alone, IBM, Cisco, and GE have all made large acquisitions or investments in Israeli cybersecurity companies. And, because of the new security and privacy issues being raised by the spread of cloud computing, that trend is very likely to accelerate.



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