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If you'd rather not own it, Leak it

Comment: Now you can send anonymous email without being traced or having to say it face to face.


By Mihaita Bamburic Posted on August 4 2014



If you have something to say, you can either say it to a person's face or resort to Leak, a new cloud service that lets you send anonymous emails that will likely never be traced back to you if some common sense is used. I prefer the open approach, but I sense that today quite a few people will embrace the latter.

The possibilities are endless. You can send any sort of message through the service, as long as you don't push things too far. Leak would rather you don't threaten or bully people, encourage damaging behaviors, send "graphic" images or porn, spam or share private information. Of course, based on the anonymous emails I am seeing (some sent "leaks" are publicly shared on the site), there are users who will do the obvious: abuse the service and act immaturely.


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Community Leader

Community Leader

Re: If you'd rather not own it, Leak it

Sounds like another tool for cybe bullying to me. Another public  place to post peoples feeling, a place to vent all sounds nice in theory. There are rules for every blog, forum etc, moderators may edit and remove derrogatory posts, but once it is there, it is seen and people get hurt.


It will be interesting to see if this will be used in a "healthy" fashion or a public flogging place.


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