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In major shift, Google boosts search rankings of HTTPS-protected sites

Comment: Education is a key element in closing the gap between hackers and defenders.


By: W. Hord Tipton/ Posted on 8/11/2014


Improvements in security education, budgets, tools, and methods will help our industry avoid more costly and dangerous attacks and data breaches in the future.

The bad guys are winning. Numerous companies have been in the news recently because they failed to rebuff information security attacks. Target lost its customers’ credit and debit card data. Adobe lost its customers’ credit card information, along with IDs and passwords. EBay lost its customers’ personal information, including email addresses and physical addresses.

These breaches have caused disquiet in the minds of consumers and cost the companies themselves millions of dollars' worth of bad publicity and damage to their brands, not to mention the costs of mitigation and restoration. And the breaches we know about could just be a fraction of the incidents. Companies have to disclose breaches of consumer data, but not the theft of their own internal information.


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