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Is IT The New Boss Of Video Surveillance?

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Is IT The New Boss Of Video Surveillance?

Comment: Interesting read on IT as the new Boss


Fredrik Nilsson/ Posted on August 4 2014


IT's participation in the security of corporate video surveillance is growing, much to the chagrin of the physical security team. Here's why corporate infosec needs to pay attention.

A recent study by Enterprise Strategy Group (disclaimer: sponsored by my company) found that 91 percent of video surveillance deployments today involve IT departments. That’s up from 52 percent in 2011. What’s more, 47 percent of IT pros claim that they make the final video surveillance purchase decisions.

When ESG presented its findings to our management team, we were honestly quite surprised. As the market continues to shift from analog CCTV to IP video, we’ve certainly seen IT’s participation grow -- but these figures were much higher than we anticipated. In our world (physical security), video surveillance has traditionally been a task handled by facilities, physical security, and/or loss prevention groups.


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