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Did you mean:, TMZ Serving Malvertising Redirects to Angler Exploit Kit

Silver VIP, TMZ Serving Malvertising Redirects to Angler Exploit Kit

by Michael Mimoso   August 27, 2014


Online ad network AppNexus has again been identified at the core of another malvertising campaign using the Angler Exploit Kit to redirect visitors to sites hosting the Asprox malware.

Busy, popular websites including TMZ, Photobucket and in recent days have been serving malicious advertisements to visitors as part of this campaign, security company Fox-IT said.


“These websites have not been compromised themselves, but are the victim of malvertising. This means an advertisement provider, providing its services to a small part of a website, serves malicious advertisement aimed at infecting visitors with malware,” Fox-IT said, adding that the redirects peaked between Aug. 19 and 22.


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