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Keyloggers Installed at Hotel Business Centers, the U.S. Secret Service Warns

The U.S. Secret Service has sent out an advisory to businesses in the hospitality industry to warn them that their computer systems for guests are targeted by cybercriminals who install keylogging software to steal personal information.


Excerpt from the advisory sent by the U.S. Secret Service



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Hackers are nobbling hotel cyber-cafe, er, business centers – US Secret Service

Arrests in Texas spark under-the-counter alert, we're told By Iain Thomson, 14 Jul 2014



The US Secret Service has quietly warned hotels that malware slingers are increasingly targeting PCs in hotel business centers to harvest sensitive information.

In a non-public advisory, obtained by investigative journalist Brian Krebs, law enforcement officials have arrested members of a criminal gang that is accused of installing data-swiping software in computers on hotel hot desks in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.


"The suspects used stolen credit cards to register as guests of the hotels; the actors would then access publicly available computers in the hotel business center, log into their Gmail accounts and execute malicious key logging software," the advisory states.

"The keylogger malware captured the keys struck by other hotel guests that used the business center computers, subsequently sending the information via email to the malicious actors' email accounts. The suspects were able to obtain large amounts of information including other guests personally identifiable information (PII), log in credentials to bank, retirement and personal webmail accounts, as well as other sensitive data flowing through the business center's computers."


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The danger of using PCs in hotel business centres

By: Graham Cluley | comment : 0 | July 14, 2014 | Posted in: Industry News


Many of us in the Northern hemisphere are gearing up for our summer holidays – and will be looking forward to some sunkissed days away from home.

But I’ll tell you one place where you won’t find me – in the business centres of hotels. Hotels big and small around the world provide internet access to their guests, so you can send emails home or give you the ability to print out tickets for a show that you’d like to attend, but – critically – these computers don’t belong to you. Any time you use someone else’s computer you’re making a big jump of faith – can you be sure that the computer hasn’t been compromised? How do you know there isn’t malware lurking on the PC that might be waiting to steal your email password or log your every keystroke you as you access your online bank account?



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