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Lenovo Security Issue??

Community Leader

Lenovo Security Issue??

I've been watching the last few days for new threads, and am surprised nobody's started a discussion on this issue: Western spooks banned Lenovo PCs after finding back doors (The Register, 29/07/2013). Apparently five of the biggest Western national intelligence agencies (USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand and Australia) have banned the use of Lenovo computers in their workplaces due to backdoor vulnerabilities that were supposedly detected around the time ownership of ThinkPads transferred from IBM (USA) to Lenovo (People's Republic of China).


Could this be a false flag as several posters to this article have suggested? Or is it just a question of the intelligence agencies being cautious: a desire to be safe, rather than sorry after the horse has bolted?


This particularly interested me as my main computer is a Lenovo ThinkPad. Not by any stretch of the imagination a geek, I was interested in following discussion by those more qualified than me on this potential security issue. All comments welcome!