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Malware analysts tell crooks to shape up and write decent code

By Darren Pauli,


Blackhats beware: reverse engineers are laughing at your buggy advanced persistent threat (APT) malware.

You've done pretty well though: your custom payloads were effective at breaking into enterprises and the damage it did was quite devastating.


But many were being found and added to anti-malware signatures all too quickly.

Take a tip from the enemy, FireEye reverse engineer Richard Wartell, who while dressed in a 'dog scientist' lab coat laughed at your mistakes at a gathering of security professionals in Washington.


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Re: Malware analysts tell crooks to shape up and write decent code

I am not so sure this was a bright idea.  Sure, they did give credit to the hackers for some devastating results, but laughing at the code they wrote to do it?  I would tend to think that would have the undesired effect of the hacker codes being much better written, harder to detect, etc.  After all, throwing out a challenge is, I think, likely to be met with a response.





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