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Microsoft beefs up account security with recent activity recovery codes and notification controls

Microsoft beefs up account security with recent activity, recovery codes, and better notification controls


Microsoft today announced security improvements to Microsoft accounts, including a recent activity feature, recovery codes, and more control over notifications. The new features, which the company says were added based on users’ feedback, are rolling out “over the next couple of days.”

First up, Microsoft has added a new view that allows users to see different types of activity, including successful and unsuccessful sign-ins, the addition and deletion of security information, and so on. For each type of activity, Microsoft shows you what kind of device and browser was used, and what location the request came from, including a Bing map.


If you see something suspicious, you can click the “This wasn’t me” button that will guide you to protect your account from another intrusion. Microsoft in turn can use this information to help improve its protection mechanisms.


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