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Microsoft needs your help to fix botched patch KB 2859537


Microsoft needs your help to fix botched patch KB 2859537

The company is actively seeking users affected by one of last week's six problematic patches that freezes some Windows 7 and Vista machines.


Microsoft is actively asking for dead bodies -- systems that crash after MS13-063 / KB 2859537 gets applied. If you're seeing a blue screen or your system hangs at the sign-on screen after installing the patch, you can help trace down the source of the problem.

Last week I wrote about this month's six botched Automatic Update patches. At the time, Microsoft published a "Known issues" paragraph in the KB 2859537 Knowledge Base article, but it hadn't pulled the patch. As of this morning, the patch is no longer being offered (it's unchecked in the Automatic Update list), and the Known issues paragraph has been modified a bit:

Some users may experience issues with certain programs after they install security update 2859537. In some cases the programs may not successfully start. We are also aware of limited reports that certain users may encounter difficulties restarting their computers after applying this security update. Microsoft is researching this problem and will post more information in this article when the information becomes available.

Since MS13-063 is a Windows Kernel update -- always problematic, reaching into the inner sanctum -- a lot of people have reported problems. The most frequently reported problems, with Avast and the games Rift, Final Fantasy, and Defiance, seem to be related to developers hooking into the kernel in unexpected ways. Those are more-manageable problems. If you're still having trouble running the Rift game after authentication, install the latest patch from Rift (available since Aug. 15). Avast has solved the problem with an update, but no word yet on small game developers.

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I have not had any issues as I don't use the as for mentioned Security program and Games but just in case some WSA users come up with any of these issues with these Games also look at the other embedded Link to see that there are 6 botched Updated Patches in the August Windows Updates and most were pulled and one only affects Exchange 2013 so most of our concern will be with KB 2859537.


Also Note: Several people have reported that the blue screens are caused by previously undetected rootkits.



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Re: Microsoft needs your help to fix botched patch KB 2859537

My wife's pc runs Win7 and i keep her software and pc maintained and up to date,and i have had no issues at all.She games online as well as i do.I have not run Rift since it was in Beta,and have never been a  fan of FInal Fantasy games on the pc.The games she plays i have yet to see any issue with.I have yet to see any visible issue on her pc at all.

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