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Multipath TCP speeds up the internet so much that security breaks

Comment: Speed could throw a monkey wrench into network probes/firewalls


By Darren Pauli, 31 Jul 2014



The burgeoning Multipath TCP (MPTCP) standard promises to speed up the internet but will also break security solutions including intrusion detection and data leak prevention, says security researcher Catherine Pearce.

MPTCP technology is an update to the core communications backbone of the internet that will allow the Transmission Control Protocol to use multiple paths and network providers to improve speed, redundancy and resource utilisation.


As El Reg hack Richard Chirgwin detailed last October, MPTCP was already used by Apple's Siri for iOS but would not be more widely deployed in mobiles anytime soon because it broke current network designs, could lead to expensive data bills and may be torpedoed by carriers worried that firing more user data over wifi could starve bottom lines.






The Register/ full read here/

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