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Neverquest Trojan infiltrates banks, Kaspersky warns

Kaspersky Lab has recorded thousands of attempts to infect computers used for online banking with a malicious program that its creators claim can attack “any bank in any country.”

The Neverquest Trojan banker supports almost every possible trick used to bypass online banking security systems: web injection, remote system access, and social engineering among others.

In light of the Trojan’s self-replication capabilities, a sharp rise in the number of attacks involving Neverquest can be expected, resulting in financial losses for users all over the world.

Kaspersky Lab noted that the holiday period in particular is a period of high malicious user activity with experts reporting instances as early as November.

By then posts had been sent to hacker forums about buying and selling databases to access bank accounts and other documents—used to open and manage the accounts to which stolen funds are sent.

Neverquest appeared on the market even earlier—an advertisement looking for a partner to work with the Trojan on the servers of a group of cybercriminals, with their support, was posted in July 2013.

“After wrapping up several criminal cases associated with the creation and proliferation of malware used to steal bank website data, a few ‘holes’ appeared on the black market, said Sergey Golovanov, principal security researcher at Kaspersky Lab. "New malicious users are trying to fill these with new technologies and ideas. Neverquest is just one of the threats aiming to take over the leading positions previously held by programs like ZeuS and Carberp.”


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This is an update to this topic which I posted last November Previous Topic  beta_tester_transparent.png

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The Japanese need to watch out for this banking trojan

It has been several months since I posted the original article about this and despiteb the title it is targeting the Japanese, German and American banking sectors.


by Jimmy Nicholls| 17 July 2014


A new member of the Snifula family is out to cause trouble.


The banking trojan, Neverquest, is continuing to evolve as it targets the Japanese, German and American banking sectors, according to security firm Symantec.

The malware allows hackers to steal bank login details from users by modifying the pages on financial sites, and spreads itself through social networks.

Symantec said: "The configuration file for Japan lists only eight major Japanese financial institutions as targets, compared to ten listed in the German configuration file and more than 50 in the US file."


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Re: The Japanese need to watch out for this banking trojan

Another article on the topic


Neverquest Banking Trojan Expands List of Targets

July 17th, 2014, 15:15 GMT · By Ionut Ilascu


Recent variants of the malware analyzed by security researchers show that the cybercriminals operating the Neverquest banking Trojan have focused their attack on banks in the United States and Japan.

New telemetry results from Symantec inform that the largest number of infections since December 2013, have occurred in these two countries, accounting for more than half of the compromised computers.

The U.S. recorded 38.51% of the detections while in Japan the infection accounted for 18.21%. Next in line are Germany (11.48%) and United Kingdom (11.19%).

Identified by Symantec as Snifula, in 2014 the malware recorded a spike in Japan for the month of March.



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Re: Neverquest Trojan infiltrates banks, Kaspersky warns

The following article is a update on Neverquest Trojan


(Improved Neverquest Trojan Targeting Bank Customers in Japan, US)


By Eduard Kovacs on July 18, 2014


Ever since its existence came to light in November 2013, the Neverquest banking Trojan has been enhanced with new features that make it an efficient tool for cybercriminals that are after sensitive information.

According to Symantec, whose products detect Neverquest as Trojan.Snifula, an evolution of the Snifula malware family that has been around since 2006, over half of the infections detected since December 2013 have been seen in the United States (38%) and Japan (18%). However, victims have also been spotted by the security firm in Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Australia, India and Italy.

Neverquest is capable of logging keystrokes, capturing screenshots, extracting stored credentials, and stealing digital certificates. The malware also gives its masters control over infected devices, and enables them to launch man-in-the-browser (MitB) attacks.


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Re: The Japanese need to watch out for this banking trojan

I do not like & do not trust kaspersky news .


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