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New GameOver Zeus Variant Generates 1,000 Domains Daily

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New GameOver Zeus Variant Generates 1,000 Domains Daily

by Michael Mimoso   July 31, 2014


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The GameOver Zeus takedown was trumpeted as a victory against cybercrime, and for all its success, even those involved understood it was likely a temporary win.

Researchers at Seculert have spotted a new variant of GameOver Zeus that has spurned previous versions’ peer-to-peer communication infrastructure and has an updated domain generation algorithm (DGA).

The changes and updates have exponentially hiked up the botnet’s numbers. Where previously, GameOver Zeus was generating 1,000 new domains weekly, this version is doing that number on a daily basis, Seculert’s Adi Raff wrote in a blogpost today.

In early June, a cooperative effort between U.S. and European law enforcement and private companies such as Microsoft,, CrowdStrike and others resulted in the seizure of servers used by the criminals behind the GameOver Zeus botnet, the same botnet used to distribute CryptoLocker ransomware.


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