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New Malware Campaign Tricks Users with Fake Facebook Password Request Emails

According to a recent article from Softpedia (based of a ThreatTrack security finding), there's a new malware distribution campaign going around, attempting to trick users with a fake password request email seemingly coming from Facebook. Here's what the message says:


Fake Facebook Password Request Email has Malware.jpg


(Source: Softpedia)


According to the report, Facebook has analyzed data from last month's massive Adobe breach and is instructing users who had the same password for Facebook and Adobe accounts to change them.


The text from this particular "Facebook" message has been used before when cybercriminals tried to trick users of major financial institutions like KeyBank, HSBC, and CitiBank.


We here at Webroot see and write about many such fake email campaigns (as they're a particularly popular cybercriminal scheme). Sometimes, you can tell that the message is clearly a fake - Blatant grammar mistakes and run-on sentences are a great indicator - but sometimes, it takes a good amount of nit-picking to tell the difference. This is why it's crucial for users to keep themselves protected with advanced internet security - not just in the case they click the one of these malcious links, but also for protection against the latest threats.



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