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OSX Mavericks Phishing-It's Already Happening

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OSX Mavericks Phishing-It's Already Happening

Mac users, beware! While the free upgrade to Apple's freshly-announced OSX Mavericks is simple and free, scammers know this all too well and are already trying to lure you in with fake and malicious emails, according to Evan Dashevsky in a report for TechHive.


After downloading Mavericks last night, the author waited until this morning to install. The first email he received on his personal account from Apple was real, but then....


"But I also received an email on my work email purportedly from Apple with the subject 'Your Apple ID has been frozen temporarily'. The text stated in mostly grammatically correct language that I 'tried to access your account more than once from several places and have exceeded the allowable limit for access times for this reason that your account has been frozen."

Dashevsky writes that he almost clicked the link before he realized that this was a scam. How did he? 1) His work email (where he received the message) was not associated with his Apple ID, 2) The email, which was sent from was from an Indonesian domain, and 3) The reset info link pointed to a Thai site.


This is a great example of why you should always be careful what you click, for phishing scams are rampant, especially during big product releases or in times of major breaking news/events. Fortunately for Mac users, it's easy to keep your devices protected.  


OSX Mavs Phishing Scam.jpg


(Source: TechHive)


--Yegor P--
Social Media Content Coordinator

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