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Organisations not ready for APTs says ISACA

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Organisations not ready for APTs says ISACA

By  Mark Sutton Published  July 13, 2014

There is growing familiarity with advanced persistent threats among IT security professionals, but many organisations are still not adequately prepared to deal with them, according to a survey by ISACA.


One in five of the organisations surveyed said they had been targeted by APT, but only 60% think they are prepared to deal with APTs. Fifteen percent felt they were ‘very prepared' with a documented and tested plan in place for APTs.


The global survey, now in its second year, canvassed 1,200 Certified Information Security Managers (CISMs) and other information security professionals across 20 industry sectors. Almost all of the respondents said they were somewhat familiar with APTs, and two-thirds expected their organisation to be targeted by APT at some point in time. Full Read Here/

Community Leader