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Passwords Be Gone! Removing 4 Barriers To Strong Authentication

Comment: This is a interesting read on password protection the focus is on 2 to 3 extra factors or combinations.


By/Phillip M. Dunkelberger  Posted on July 24 2014


Everyone knows that passwords are the weakest security for authentication, yet Internet services persist in making consumers use a password as the primary method for online access. For consumers, there are too many passwords to remember, they are difficult to type (particularly on mobile devices), and they are insecure.

More secure authentication options will require users to submit one or two extra “factors,” which may be any combination of something a user (1) knows, (2) has, or (3) is -- the classic definition of "multifactor" or "strong" authentication. Extra factors provide better protection, yet the usual reason against using them is: “Strong authentication has too many barriers


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