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PayPal “Unauthorized Credit Card Payment” Phish

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The form asks for:


Email address, full name, PayPal password, DOB, billing address / town, county, postcode, home phone, credit / debit card number, expiry date, security code and sort code.


Of course, you shouldn’t fill this in or hit the “Send” button – just delete the attachment and send the mail to the spam folder.


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Re: PayPal “Unauthorized Credit Card Payment” Phish

Smiley Wink As a user of Paypal, Thanks for the warning...



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Re: PayPal “Unauthorized Credit Card Payment” Phish

My dad will not give that sensative info to paypal.

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Re: PayPal “Unauthorized Credit Card Payment” Phish

I also use PayPal from time to time.

Good to know, thanks Petrovic!! Smiley Happy





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