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Prison doors open. Chaos ensues. Hack?

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The doors in a maximum security prison in Florida may have been intentionally opened remotely and video surveilance may show that the prisoneers knew in advance that the doors were going to open.


The doors were only opened in K-81, the maximum-security wing of the prison for the second time this month. Prison officials are saying that the incident could have been a computer "glitch"


"As soon as the doors opened, surveillance cameras captured one prisoner in particular immediately leaving his cell, as if he had anticipated the door opening, and walking down a passageway toward another prisoner, with whom he reportedly exchanged a shank or homemade prison knife. They and two other inmates then closed-in on 27-year-old Kenneth Williams, who leapt over a second-floor balcony railing to escape his would-be assailants and suffered a broken ankle and fractured vertebrae in the fall."

(Source: Wired)



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