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Reader scammed by fake Guardian webpage

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Reader scammed by fake Guardian webpage

Copycat Guardian site used by loan company to boost its credibility

by Patrick Collinson and Miles Brignall The Guardian, Friday 18 July 2014


It looks virtually identical to a conventional online page of the Guardian – the same layout, typography, links to other sections, and comments below the line. The story, with Money reporter Miles Brignall's byline, gives a glowing account of a company called Business Grants & Loans. But the page is entirely fake, hosted on a copycat website and apparently designed by fraudsters to give the impression that the company has won independent endorsement from the Guardian – and to lure victims into handing over hundreds of pounds each.


Until now, fake websites have tended to be clones of bank websites or institutions such as HM Revenue & Customs. Conmen send out "phishing" emails which convince people to click through to the bank, but, in reality, they are taken through to the copycat website designed to illegally capture log-ins and password details.


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Re: Reader scammed by fake Guardian webpage

Good article  Guardian web page I have on numerous occasions read their articles but thank heavens to date have not been subjected to a fake one............once again you can't be to careful on today's web.

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Retired Webrooter
Retired Webrooter

Re: Reader scammed by fake Guardian webpage

That is a new twist on fake sites - using them for reputation management instead of hacking.  Will be interesting to see where this goes.