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Scientists Suggest Doing The ‘Melbourne Shuffle’ To Secure Data In The Cloud

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Scientists Suggest Doing The ‘Melbourne Shuffle’ To Secure Data In The Cloud

Source: Brown University  July 11, 2014


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Image Caption: Encryption might not be enough for all that data stored in the cloud. An analysis of usage patterns -- which files are accessed and when -- can give away secrets as well. Computer scientists at Brown have developed an algorithm to sweep away those digital footprints. It's a complicated series of dance-like moves they call the Melbourne Shuffle. Credit: Tamassia Lab / Brown University


To keep data safe in the cloud, a group of computer scientists suggests doing the Melbourne Shuffle.

That may sound like a dance move, but it’s also a computer algorithm developed by researchers at Brown University.

The computing version of the Melbourne Shuffle aims to hide patterns that may emerge as users access data on cloud servers. Patterns of access could provide important information about a dataset — information that users don’t necessarily want others to know — even if the data files themselves are encrypted.

“Encrypting data is an important security measure. However, privacy leaks can occur even when accessing encrypted data,” said Olga Ohrimenko, lead author of a paper describing the algorithm. “The objective of our work is to provide a higher level of privacy guarantees, beyond what encryption alone can achieve.”

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