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Secure Google Docs email results in mailbox compromise

A large scale phishing attack has been making the rounds this week pretending to be a "Secure Document" being sent to you via Google Docs.

While those of us in the security industry might not be surprised, phishing attacks are consistently proving themselves to one of the most effective ways to evade traditional defenses.

As many organizations move to the Google cloud, this type of phishing lure will continue to yield results for the criminals.

The email reads:

A Secure Document was sent to you by your financial institute using Google Docs.
Follow the link below to visit Google Docs webpage to view your Document
Follow Here. The Document is said to be important.
Happy Emailing,
The Gmail Team

Phishing emails aren't exactly rare, but this one caught my eye. In addition to being a somewhat plausible lure, it is an equal opportunity exploit.

If you click the link you are presented with a phishing page hosted in Thailand.

The page not only asks for your Google credentials, it also suggests it will accept Yahoo!,, Hotmail, AOL, Comcast, Verizon, or any other email account.


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Re: Secure Google Docs email results in mailbox compromise

Quite interesting!  I actually saw this at work today, sent to an email address that is rarely used and generally does not receive any spam.  


Corporate users beware, this one may very well slip past any filtering software you have in place.



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