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Security Flaw Discovered in Apple Pages App, Update Now

Apple doesn’t expressly state this in the release notes of Pages 5.1 for Mac and Pages 2.1 for iOS, but this seemingly trivial update brings with it a security patch that might make it imperative to install the new version.

Granted, it’s not the kind of vulnerability that’ll hand over your personal information to the NSA (though you can’t be 100% sure these days), but it’s still labeled as a security flaw, which makes it more important than a simple crashing bug.

Pages 5.1 and Pages 2.1 are nearly-identical updates for the same app on two different platforms, namely OS X Mavericks v10.9, and iOS 7. The flaw is described as follows on Apple Support:

“Impact: Opening a maliciously crafted Microsoft Word document may lead to an unexpected application termination or arbitrary code execution

Description: A double free issue existed in the handling of Microsoft Word documents. This issue was addressed through improved memory management.”


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