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Shopping site reports 3-year-old data breach (CatchOfTheDay)

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Shopping site reports 3-year-old data breach (CatchOfTheDay)

by John Hawes on July 21, 2014



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Australian shopping website CatchOfTheDay has warned customers of a data breach dating back to 7 May 2011, urging anyone who has kept the same password at the site since that date to change it.

The site purports to be "Australia's number one shopping site", claiming 14.73% of all retail traffic from Australia, with over 2 million registered users and a sale made every second.

It's not been made clear how many customers were affected by the breach.


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Re: Shopping site reports 3-year-old data breach (CatchOfTheDay)

Duh!!!!!! Duhwhat's wrong with this picture, the Australian shopping website CatchOfTheDay waits till now to report a breach!!!!! With almost 15% of sales market.............. I can't wait until the update on this article on how many were infected.

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