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So you thought you downloaded AVG Mobile...

Retired Webrooter

So you thought you downloaded AVG Mobile...

...and instead you might have ended up with malware.


However hard Google works to prevent malicious apps from being offered on Google Play, its official online Android market, some always get through.



In this latest case they discovered, the developer has misused Windows', Twitter's, YouTube's and AVG's names to offer apparently harmless wallpaper and puzzle apps that are usually used to trick users into signing up for pricy services or to deliver a constant stream of ads.

They also discovered a bogus "avg antivirus pro" app by another developer, possibly riding on the coattails of the recent launch of the latest version of their AV solution.


Watch out for these scam apps!  Some of them are easier to figure out than others.  In the screenshot above, it's quite telling that this "new" app is published by someone other than AVG, the box is for a 2011 product, and it has no reviews.  Others are a little trickier to figure out, but generally they can be spotted by having a suspicious publisher name.  For legitimate security that never compromises, use Webroot SecureAnywhere Mobile.

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