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Sophisticated Phishing is targeting French-Speaking banking users

by paganinip on August 3rd, 2014


A very sophisticated phishing campaign has been discovered by Malcovery Security, it targets French-speaking computer users to steal banking credentials.

Phishing is a very prolific business for cybercrime, bad actors are adopting even more sophisticated techniques like the one discovered recently which hit French-speaking computer users, in an attempt to steal their online banking credentials.

The discovery was made by experts at Malcovery Security, this new attack scheme is not a classic direct phishing, which is based on malicious emails which contain links or attacked malware used to deceive victims, instead, the emails purport to be from an entity that isn’t the targeted bank and informs victims that due a billing mistake they have to be refunded to their account.

The fraudsters refer limited quantity of money, as much as €95 or $127, and request victims to provide information on their bank account that will receive the transfer of refunded sums.

A this point victims are redirected to a page where is asking them to provide the above information, the cyber criminals implemented a mechanism to verify the credentials to the third party before allowing the victim to proceed.



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