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Super Bowl Wi-Fi password credentials broadcast in pre-game security gaffe

Summary: Prior to the start of Super Bowl 48, the stadium's internal Wi-Fi login credentials were inadvertently broadcast on national TV.


During the pre-game coverage for NFL Super Bowl XLVIII, television news inadvertently broadcast the stadium's internal Wi-Fi login credentials, which were in plain sight on an enormous, unmissable, wall-mounted monitor inside a command center.

The Wi-Fi credentials, which have likely been changed as news of the security gaffe has spread like wildfire on Twitter and community blogs, had "marko" as the login, and a pseudo-leet speak variation of 'welcome here' as the password.

The televised segment broadcast this morning was a feature that gave a first-time peek into Super Bowl security headquarters.

It would appear that network security at the MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey, is not up to enterprise levels.
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According to Mobile Sports Report, the in-stadium Wi-Fi network at MetLife Stadium, built by Verizon, is free and open to customers of all carriers.

The credentials accidentally broadcast on TV may likely be an internal set of Wi-Fi access credentials, possibly for staff, press or ticketing systems.


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Re: Super Bowl Wi-Fi password credentials broadcast in pre-game security gaffe

I chuckled when I saw that one.  It takes typing in the wrong window to a whole new level Smiley Happy