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Take that, hackers! Quasar IV boasts hackproof Android greatness

Jessica Dolcourt wrote:


QSAlpha's Quasar IV Android smartphone


The subject of cell phone security haunts every major mobile player, but none so defiantly throws down the gauntlet to data thieves like the smartphone startup QSAlpha and its Quasar IV "cipherphone."

A self-funded project launched Tuesday through Kickstarter-like Web site Indiegogo, the Quasar IV runs on a security backbone of hardware encryption that promises to only share data -- email, phone calls, and texts -- with others who have a "trusted" identity using the same Quasar IV smartphone.

While the cybersecurity specs command the show (and more on that later,) the strangely named Quasar IV is specced out with top-of-the-line Android goods.

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