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Target data breach part of broader organized attack

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Target data breach part of broader organized attack

Summary: A confidential U.S. government report indicates that the Target data breaches were tied to a broader effort against retailers. New malicious software called KAPTOXA led the attacks.


Target is taking the financial and reputation hit for its customer data breach, but is reportedly part of a much broader cybercrime campaign that apparently runs through the former Soviet Union.


The Wall Street Journal, citing a confidential U.S. government report, reported that the hackers that went after Target spoke in Russian and the attacks were part of a broader effort. Target first reported that 40 million credit and debit card accounts had been compromised. In a follow-up, Target said that 70 million people may have had their personal data compromised.

Given the attacks landed in the peak holiday shopping season, Target took a financial hit and expects that it will face more costs.


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