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Retired Webrooter
Retired Webrooter

Tesla Hacked as part of competition

Looks like they've made some progress, at least in opening the doors and sunroof:


Zhejiang University students have hacked the Tesla Model S with an attack that enabled them to open its doors and sun roof, switch on the headlights and sound the horn - all while the car was driving along.


The hack was part of a competition at the annual Syscan conference in Beijing, where a prize of $US10,000 was offered to anyone who could pop the smartcar's doors and engine.


From The Register.



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Re: Tesla Hacked as part of competition

That is a bit scary...............I can imagine driving down the highway at 70 miles per hour and a hacker is tailing you and decides to open your doors and roof......................

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Re: Tesla Hacked as part of competition

The following article is a update:


Popping the Tesla S bonnet – to reveal SIX NEW FLAW.

By: John Leyden


Security researchers have uncovered six fresh vulnerabilities with the Tesla S.

Kevin Mahaffey, CTO of mobile security firm Lookout, and Cloudflare’s principal security researcher Marc Rogers, discovered the flaws after physically examining a vehicle before working with Elon Musk’s firm to resolve security bugs in the electric automobile.

The vulnerabilities allowed the researchers to gain root (administrator) access to the Model S infotainment systems.

With access to these systems, they were able to remotely lock and unlock the car, control the radio and screens, display any content on the screens (changing map displays and the speedometer), open and close the trunk/boot, and turn off the car systems.

When turning off the car systems, Mahaffey and Rogers discovered that, if the car was below five miles per hour (8km/hr) or idling they were able to apply the emergency hand brake, a minor issue in practice.


full article

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