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The 10 Riskiest Mobile App Types

Mobile apps.




















With all the flap about Flappy Bird fakes and Trojanized games, you'd probably figure that games must be the riskiest app category. You'd figure wrong, according to Marble Mobile Security's researchers. They analyzed over 200,000 apps in 34 categories, and found games to be the least risky.

Detailed Analysis
The just-released study rated apps in five distinct risk categories: Privacy, Data leak, Account takeover, Device takeover, and Malware. Apps with Privacy problems leak personally identifiable information to third parties, while those that expose companies to loss of data fall in the Data leak category. Account takeover refers to apps that steal user credentials, while Device takeover means the app exposes data that would allow a malefactor to completely pwn or clone the device. Finally, apps that are purely malicious fall in the Malware category.


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Re: The 10 Riskiest Mobile App Types

Ah useful research. Thanks for the article.