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The Evolution of FBI MoneyPak

Retired Webrooter

The Evolution of FBI MoneyPak has a story out today about the infamous FBI MoneyPak infection.  It features 8 screenshots of the various versions of the ransomware in action and instructions on how to perform a manual removal.  If you've never seen the infection before but want to know what it looks like, have a look at the screenshots:


The first version of FBI MoneyPak




This one offers diversified payment options and a picture of two guys making an "EWW!" face.




This one is almost believable looking.  If the infectee is pirating games, it makes sense to demand payment via GameStop right?



Additional screenshots, manual removal instructions, and some historical reference are available from the source article.


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Re: The Evolution of FBI MoneyPak

I am always stunned at how gullible some people are with this stuff.I had been kept quite busy for a short while removing these infections.It's been quiet for quite awhile for me on this front.The article is an excellent resource and i will be sure to save it and pass it along.

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