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Retired Webrooter
Retired Webrooter

The IRS warns of fraud W-2 emails

Phishing scams have become an increasingly popular tactic to try to steal your information.


With tax season soon upon us, it's crucial for you and your organization to know that W-2 email scams are ramping up.


"Former Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson said last year that phishing is the biggest threat to your cybersecurity. The IRS shares his concern, and they've issued a warning about a new round of tax season attacks that have already claimed 29,000 victims."




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Retired Webrooter
Retired Webrooter

W-2 Phishing Scams: What You Need to Know to Stay Secure

"Phishing attacks have recently been targeting W-2 forms because they are a treasure trove of personal and financial information. The attackers generally pose as a company official or other trusted source when they send phishing emails. In the emails, they either ask HR to send over employees’ W-2 forms or employees to send over their own. Because phishing is a numbers game, the more emails they can send, the higher the chances they’ll get the information they want. So once they have the W-2 forms in hand, there are a variety of ways that criminals choose to exploit them, but lately there has been a rise in the filing of fraudulent tax returns. The goal in these crimes is to illegally collect tax refunds on behalf of other people."



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