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Token Abuse Exposes Gmail Addresses

by Michael Mimoso


Google has patched a vulnerability that exposes an indefinite number of Gmail addresses, a potential gold mine for phishing and advanced attacks.

Researcher Oren Hafif of Israel disclosed details on how he was able to abuse a token exposed in a URL in order to reveal every Gmail address. His work earned him $500 through Google’s bug bounty program, he said.

“I bruteforced a token in a Gmail URL to extract all of email addresses hosted on Google,” Hafif wrote on his personal blog.


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This could have been worrying, it was quite a bug to expose every G Mail address.

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Re: Token Abuse Exposes Gmail Addresses

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Now, that is nasty...and worrying...if you have a gmail account.  Lucky that I don't...phew. Smiley Very Happy


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