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Vodafone: Just LOOK at all the ways spies tap your phone calls

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Vodafone: Just LOOK at all the ways spies tap your phone calls

Mobile giant's new legal trivia guide is this summer's beach read

By Simon Rockman,

Vodafone has today published a report detailing how cops, g-men and spies around the world tap into its systems – in some cases, directly hooking into communication networks without a warrant.

The dossier covers the 29 countries in which the mobile telco operates, including joint-ventures in Australia, Kenya and Fiji. The document [PDF] reveals the sorts of information agents can intercept, how people are tracked and snooped on in real-time, the steps (if any) that must be taken to request the data, and the laws allowing the g-men to do so.


The report carries a Creative Commons licence, and is published alongside figures disclosing how many demands for cooperation Voda has received from governments.

It comes just days after The Register exposed Vodafone Cable's involvement in a beyond-top-secret foreign surveillance base run by UK eavesdropping nerve-centre GCHQ.

Today, Vodafone's group privacy officer Stephen Deadman demanded an end to direct warrantless access to his company's communications systems by governments.


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Vodafone Group warns of direct government monitoring

"Quote" Vodafone Group warns of direct government monitoring


By  Mark Sutton Published  June 7, 2014

Vodafone Group has revealed that in some of the markets where it operates, government agencies have permanent access to monitor communications.


In an annex to the company's Sustainability Report, the UK-headquartered group said that in some countries, governments do not need to request access to communications, known as ‘lawful interception', on a case by case basis, but rather governments are constantly able to monitor all communications. / Full Read Here:

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