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Watch out for Counterfeit iOS and Android apps

Yesterday, PCWorld put out an article on a recent finding by software firm Arxan, who discovered that cybercriminals are reverse-engineering many of the most popular paid apps from both the Google Play and Apple App Store.


"Looking at a total of 230 apps - the top 100 paid apps and top 15 free apps for Android and iOS - Arxan found that 100 percent of the top paid apps on Android and 56 percent on iOS were being impersonated in a compromised form on grey markets."

Arxan's analysis also found that, when it comes to free apps, 73% of the top 15 Android (and 53% of the top 15 iOS) apps existed in obscure third-party stores, as well as half of 20 popular financial apps for Android.


Obviously, these numbers stem mostly from countries outside of the US and UK, as thid-party stores are far less prevalent here in the states and in the UK. Nevertheless, while most users may never come across these bogus ads, this story further shows the significant growth of mobile malware. And it's only going to get more prevalent and sophisticated. For this reason, it's more crucial now than ever before to make sure your smartphone and tablet are protected with an advanced security solution.


To read the full story, click the aforementioned link.


Counterfeit Android and iOS apps.jpg


(Source: PCWorld)



--Yegor P--
Social Media Content Coordinator

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