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Which Companies Zealously Protect Your Privacy

We entrust our most sensitive, private, and important information to technology companies like Google, Facebook, and Verizon. Collectively, these companies are privy to the conversations, photos, social connections, and location data of almost everyone online. The choices these companies make affect the privacy of every one of their users. So which companies stand with their users, embracing transparency around government data requests? Every year, the Electronic Frontier Foundation releases its “Who Has Your Back” report card, detailing the privacy policies of tech companies. Here’s their rundown of who fights for your privacy in the face of government requests for your data—and who doesn’t even bother.



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Re: Which Companies Zealously Protect Your Privacy

Nice find!  The report card format makes it easy to see at a glance who is getting straight As Smiley Happy

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Re: Which Companies Zealously Protect Your Privacy

Smiley Very Happy Great article...need to print this one out for all to see!!Smiley Wink

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