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XML co-founder Tim Bray: Beware of spies in your software

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XML co-founder Tim Bray: Beware of spies in your software

Comment: Once again the user/consumer is  vulnerable to intruders, developers are laxed in addresssing these issues


By Paul Krill | InfoWorld  Posted on July 23 2014



Developers must address the serious issue of software-based threats, which leave users vulnerable to intruders, particularly governments, XML co-founder Tim Bray said today.

During his brief presentation at the O'Reilly Open Source Convention (OSCON) in Portland, Ore., Bray -- formerly of Google and Sun Microsystems -- emphasized that threat reduction needs to be a priority, particularly in the era of Edward Snowden, who last year revealed spying efforts by the National Security Agency. "The organizations causing us the most concerns these days of course are our own governments," scooping up information and keeping it, said Bray. He dismissed the notion that people with nothing to hide have nothing to worry about when it comes to electronic-based spying.


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