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iPhone 5s-App Crashes and...a BSOD?

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iPhone 5s-App Crashes and...a BSOD?

Well, it's been a few weeks since Apple officially released the new iPhone 5s (and 5C, but I'll focus on the flagship for this story), and although sales of the two phones managed to eclipse 9 million in the first weekend alone, the devices (particularly the 5s), have not been without their issues. Two stories posted today highlight two of these new issues plaguing some 5s users.


The first story, courtesy of TechCrunch, is about more frequent app crashes when compared to the iPhone 5. In fact, apps running on the 5s crash ~2% of time, compared to ~1% of time when running on the iPhone 5 (or 5c). The likely culprit? The 5s's speedy and strong 64-bit processor. Ironic? Not exactly.

"This is likely due to the fact that, though they prepared relentlessly for the new iOS 7 operating system, developers had no way of preparing for the new hardware architecture, especially that 64-bit processor."

Full story


Unrelated (but equally as annoying to users), CNET reported earlier today that some 5s users have been experiencing what many Windows users know as BSOD (Blue Screen of Death), where they see their phones' screens turn an unpleasant blue color and proceeding to reboot. supposedly, this bug has been present since the phone's launch.

"Users chiming in on the Apple Support Communites and MacRumors forums said the problem occurs when they use the Numbers app in Apple's iWork suite, which comes free with the new iPhones. But a couple people report that it also happens when using the ESPN ScoreCenter app.


iPhone 5s 'Blue Screen of Death'.jpg

(Source: CNET)

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Re: iPhone 5s-App Crashes and...a BSOD?

Thanks Yegor for the article!


Yeah, unfortunately it is a bitter fact that the new iOS7 coupled with 64-bit architecture brought serious issues on some Apple devices. I am closely following our national Apple forum and there is a lot of moans on account of iOS7. Mainly extreme battery drainage and often crashes are the most troubles, especially on older devices (4S, 5, iPad) . Hope Apple will get it sort out as soonest otherwise they will loose users in favour of competition. People won't be willing to pay for quite expensive device behaving like a cheap one or even worse.

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