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[Discussion] - Re-thinking 'patch and pray'



Recently, @RAbrams published a blog post on why it's important to protect yourself with a layered approach that does NOT include a single point of failure. 


As a Webroot Community Member, you more than anyone, know this all too well!


I wanted to get people talking about their experience using a layered approach and if you're doing anything in addition to what Randy mentioned. 


See you in the comments below! 


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Re: [Discussion] - Re-thinking 'patch and pray'

As the author of a well regarded blog/website (on photography), I can tell you that having a "secondary" mechanism like this community separate from the place where the article is placed is not going to garner as much attention as actually posting the content where it can be commented upon directly.


In my day job, I support thousands of public/private servers. Patch and Pray is indeed ludicrous. Remember meltdown and spectre? Yeah, well plenty of our infrastructure is still unpatched due to various issues - some inertia, some record keeping, and some practical: like server X absolutely cannot be restarted until it has a fully functional replacement - but server X is a "snowflake" - it was custom crafted, over time, by human hands, some of whom never left behind records and have long since gone elsewhere.

But I doubt the  discussion is germane to most of the users who contribute here, since this is appearing in the "Home" side of the discussion. All home computers are snowflakes and probably 90% of their "maintainers" have low tech savvy.

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Re: [Discussion] - Re-thinking 'patch and pray'

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