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Ghost in the machine

A couple of days ago and every day since I checked my Windows 10 Network and observed some strange devices that showed up on it. My PC is Ethernet-connected only; I am using a TP Link Archer C7 wireless router.


After much research, I found people have been complaining about this (Windows 8, too) since 2013 and as recently as December 2016.


The number of threads is huge, including from MS itself, and I don't believe any of the reasons for this stuff happening or most of the suggested solutions.


Most suggestions are that machines are picking up nearby devices or drive-by's. I don't believe that explanation because most of the specific device names are the same in many cases with people spread out all over the USA and beyond. Here's just one example of somebody else that saw "full-ford":


I've noticed the stuff that shows up has a MAC address, but no IP. In most cases the devices disappear after a few seconds.


Another strange thing is how some of the devices are associated with Amazon or Amazon protocols. I do not think this phenomenon is isolated to individuals' locations or wireless devices because of the common device names involved.


You Webroot folks are the security experts; that's why I wrote this here. Here are some screen shots for your enjoyment. The devices that do not belong are DL701Q; MaxGuava; angler; full-giza and full-ford:


Ricks network II.JPG



Ricks network III.JPG



Ricks network IV.JPG



Ricks network V.JPG



Ricks network VI.JPG



Ricks network VII.JPG



Ricks network.JPG






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Re: Ghost in the machine

Hi rbarrow,


A Google search of the device name "DL701Q" comes up with a very cheap tablet sold on Amazon. There are probably thousands of them in any given state. When you say they show up in your network do you mean they are connected to your router/internet or they just appear when you scan for wireless networks/devices? I am only able to see the top pic that you posted and from the looks of it the device is showing up in "This PC/My Computer" or "Network"  page which is odd. When phones and game consoles show up there it usually means they are connected to your network via UPnP. If you don't have devices that use UPnP (game console, cctv system, media server, etc.) I would disable it (UPnP) in your router settings. Personally, I would reset my router as well, new username, new password, but that's up to you. If you have a lot of custom settings, like I do, it could be a real pain. My router has the option to block devices by MAC address. You could possibly go that route, too. (Check in your router settings to see if unknown devices are connected to your network. My settings show all devices connected, either via ethernet cable or WiFi, at any given time, including IP and MAC addresses. I can delete their DHCP lease and ban their IP or MAC address, too) I'd be suspicious if this was my PC. If you have Webroot installed and you are unsure and want the experts in support to check your PC for you then you may also submit a trouble ticket, free of charge with subscription.


If you are not familiar with your router settings then I would not mess around in there. You could really mess things up. But there is usually a reset button on them. Resetting the router or even just choosing a new username/password is relatively easy, though. You can usually find detailed directions by Googling the router model make/model. If resetting, be sure you know the default username, password, and IP address to the router before resetting so you can reconnect afterward.


Hope this info helps. Let us know what you discover. Smiley Wink




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Re: Ghost in the machine

BD-- Thanks for getting this into the techie group.


Here's another thread of a couple of years worth of frustrations right up to the present.


In some cases a person's own device was the culprit. In others, disappearing stuff from sight was the answer, but obviously not a good solution.


Since my PC is connected to Ethernet and not Wi-Fi, I'm gonna try hooking it up directly to my cable modem, bypassing my router that I'll power down. Then, I'll boot up and observe if my network sees anything strange.

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Ghosts busted? -- Ghost in the machine

Thought I'd buy some time before going outside to tackle six inches of snow in 13 degree weather here in southwest Virginia...


So, I literally pulled the plug on my wireless router, plugged my PC directly into the Ethernet output of my cable modem and booted up. Predictably, nothing unusual showed up in my Network list except what belonged there.


My router, unplugged for over 1/2 hour had plenty of time to do whatever uplugged routers do. Then I reconnected the entire shootin' match, booted up and looked at my Network list of things--nothing that didn't belong. Hmmm.


I checked at least three times and with several refreshes. Nothing. I just checked before posting this. Nothing.


Did the ghosts take the weekend off? Stay tuned.

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Ghosts escaped -- Ghost in the machine

This morning another phone appeared on my network list; so something escaped from my Ecto Containment Unit. As before, there was a Mac address, no IP, and right after I grabbed a screen shot and refreshed my network list a couple of times, it disappeared.


Ricks network VIII post reset 2.JPG



Ricks network VIII post reset.JPG


The common theme is the devices have Mac addresses, no IP's, and disappear after several refreshes of the network list--only to reappear.

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I don't believe in no ghosts -- Ghost in the machine

The best answer thus far was to disable SSID broadcasting on Wi-Fi. That appears to have worked.

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Re: I don't believe in no ghosts -- Ghost in the machine



How close are you to a street? And how much traffic does it receive?

I believe this is an example of smartphones, smart devices, or even smart cars scanning your wifi. This does not mean that you are being targeted or that someone is attempting to hack you. Basically when someone drives by, their smartphone is picking up on your wifi and scanning it, in the event that they tried to connect. My phone does this all the time wherever I go as long as wifi is enabled. 


This would also explain why you see them appear, and then quickly disappear as they get out of range. I would check to see if WPS is enabled, and disable it if so. This is a router setting.

James G.

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Re: I don't believe in no ghosts -- Ghost in the machine

@rbarrow To me you should contact your ISP as we can't do anything for you from a Forum and it's not a WSA issue.



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Re: I don't believe in no ghosts -- Ghost in the machine

James G.,


My router does not have a WPS setting, WDS is disabled and it's as locked down as I technically could do it. Your "drive-by" explanation is viable as I am close to a county road. I have seen nothing on my list since I stopped broadcasting my SSID.





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Re: I don't believe in no ghosts -- Ghost in the machine

I found this thread while searching for this issue and thought I should post.


I, too, have experienced this issue and I find the suggested solutions to be insufficient to explain what's happening here.


I bought a new wireless printer today and went to install it. On opening the "network" page in Windows 10 I noticed a device called "full_giza".  Curious about it, I googled it and found some forum posts about people wondering about full_giza and full_ford devices on their network. Then I saw that it had disappeared. For what it's worth, I don't own any amazon devices.


Poking around, I was refreshing my network page and then a Lenovo device showed up. Interestingly enough, the device is another 8" tablet. This is too strange to just be a coincidence.


I live in a very rural area and there's zero chance that someone is within my wifi range and just hopping on for short bursts. 


My network is a bit strange. I connect using a 4G verizon hotspot. I have an old linksys router with dd-wrt on it acting as a client for the hotspot. Connected to that I have a d-link router acting as a DHCP server and wireless access point. Connected to that d-link router I have two other identical d-links acting as access points in other buildings.


Here's a shot of the two devices I'm seeing:


Any ideas?