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Android - Frozen Scan with Webroot

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My scans appear to get stuck when scanning the SD Card.  What can I do to get them to complete?


If you have an unusually large SD Card, sometimes a scan can appear to be stuck when it really isn't.  It's important to give the scan a few minutes to move past the point it appears to be stuck at before concluding it's stuck.  In those cases, setting to scan once a week is recommended.  Webroot will still update the definitions daily, and the realtime shields will still be protecting you.


If it really is stuck, one of the most common causes of hanging on "Scanning SD Card" is file corruption on the storage device itself.


A good way to check for file corruption is to get a file manager app and then do a system-wide search for something you know is not there.  The search will very often fail if the file or file system has corruption. 


Another way to check is to mount the Android device as a drive on the computer and copy ALL of the data from the SD Card to the computer.  This is another place where corruption may cause a hiccup, but it will usually recover because the computer is partly in charge in this case.  What you can then do is use the Settings in the Android to unmount and format the SD Card.  This process differs on different devices, so check your manual or with your tech support for the device for help on this.  Afterward, copy all of the data back.  If you can't actually copy the data from the card to the computer at all, that is further evidence the card is corrupted.


We have also seen some specific issues in which the scan is getting stuck on Google Maps.  Uninstalling and reinstalling Google Maps can help to resolve the problem in such cases.

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I am having very similar issues, I removed the SD card altogether and it is still having issues.  I can't uninstall google maps... I suppose I could wipe the device clean and start over...


I have restarted many times and let the thing attempt to "scan" over night.  It is draining the batter like crazy... used to have 2 days worth of standby time, now have less than 2 hours before battery dies... It is trying to do something but failing miserably....