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Android Menu Settings / Persistent Status/ Support Options

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Android Menu Settings / Persistent Status/ Support Options


For Webroots icon to show or not to show at the top of your screen,

Open Webroot and tap to the upper right hand side where you see 3 white dots. The Menu:


SCREEN !.png


Below you will see General Settings/Change Password/Register/About/Uninstall


general Settings.png


Tap General Settings/

There you will have the option to show your security status

at the top of the sceen by checking the box or unchecking.


Screen three.png

To see your Support Options/ Tap screen and you will see:

Collect and mail logs:


Force License check:

SecureAnywhere Mobile checks for changes to your subscription

status every 24 hours. If you changed your subscription and want

to refresh the license staus immediately. do the following: Tap

Force license check.





Please look here for the Android User Guide












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Icon used to show at top of screen until I updated browser. Box is checked to show icon at top but it doesn't. I didn't change anything else. What should I do?

Hi KingHawd,


Welcome to the Webroot Community,


Would you reboot your device and see if the icon comes back. You do have Presistent Status checked? Right?

i have the same problem with 5 user two year Complete paid $100 . Stops working, won't remain resident with box checked. i switched to the free version complete on my Lollipop Android and at least that seems to work. The problem is not in my Webroot setup or understanding of Android application handling. Was working fine for a month till an update for the paid for version from Google Playstore. i have uninstalled and reinstalled the paid for version and it is still crap. Please refer this problem to Webroot engineers and make sure that there is a path to actually talk with someone here who has input to Webroot. Thanks

Hi JustaGigolo,


Welcome to the Webroot Community,


Have you checked in the General Setting by clicking on the 3 dots at upper right? Go to General Settings and put a checkmark in the Persistent Status


If you need help you can always Submit a Suppport Ticket which is free of chaege with your paid subscription. They can check this out for you.


Hope this helps?