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Can't find keycode

New Member

Can't find keycode

hi, i just got the webroot secure anywhere for my htc inspire, but no serial code.where can i get this,if not i need to cancel the order.



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Re: New Member needing help

Hello demoncreeper,


Welcome to the Community!


You can open a support ticket with your email address and we can find your keycode. In the ticket please include the email you used when purchasing the software and we will get you protected as soon as possible!


Thank you,

Mike R


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Mike R

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Re: New Member needing help

Hello ufds55 and demoncreeper and Welcome to the Webroot Community Forums!



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Re: New Member needing help

Hello demoncreeper, Welcome to the Webroot Community Forum. Smiley Happy

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Re: New Member needing help

@demoncreeper -

If you purchased the app directly from the market on your device, the license key is automatically built into your purchase for you.  There is nothing else you need to do.


If you downloaded the FREE app, it receives a free license key for you when you first sign in. If you perform an In-App Purcahse to upgrade it, that key is automatically upgraded to a Paid key if the purchase is and remains successful. 


Due to occasional errors with the way Google reports purchases to app developers, if you have a failed purchase followed by a successful purchase, the failed comes to us after thee successful one and de-purchases it because Google claims you got a refund effectively.  In this situation, contacting support is necessary to manually track the data Google sent to us to see whether a successful purchase occurred or not.


If you purchased at a store, you would need to get the license key from the store purchase itself.  It is a 20-character code on a piece of paper if in a box. 

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