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How do I fix a handle leak in explorer.exe?

My Webroot sasy i have a handle leak in exporer.exe.  How do I fix it?


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Re: How do I fix a handle leak in explorer.exe?

Hi harkbfast3 and welcome to the community,


I really would not panic over that information just yet.  You need to do a bit more troubleshooting before you become concerned.  There is a good post on Microsoft Technet's site that addresses handles, what is normal and not, as a general rule.  Have a look and see how your system compares.


Rarely do I see handle issues unless you have a very unruly application that misuses available memory.  So until you verify the issue I would take the WSA report of handle leaks with a grain of salt.


I have mentioned this in previous and similar posts on this subject that other tools like Process Explorer are available from Microsft SysInternals if needed.


Best of luck and if you need additional assistance please check back in with the forum because there are many knowledgeable people here who will be glad to help.


Best Regards,


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Re: How do I fix a handle leak in explorer.exe?

*In explorer.exe or any process.*


I run Optimizer every Monday and then run System Analyzer.  I invariably see one, to often two or three active processes showing handle leaks.  This is weekly.  I don't feel like I can ignore this, but I am not an IT guy, and don't feel able to wade through pages and pages of debugging instructions on various manufacturer's web sites to fix this. 


I clearly understand what a handle is.  Can't I shut down the program or process and restart it to solve the sympton if not the disease?  I know what the programs and processes are and how they will affect my operations.  Thank-you for any help you can offer.  --mark