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Just purchased WebRoot SecureAnywhere 3 device Antivirus 2013

Hello again everyone,


  I'm sure by now you all are wishing I would shut up Smiley Surprised  I just purchased a full version of your WR Antivirus 2013 and got a great price of $20.00 for 3 devices by the way Smiley Happy


  My question is this...  If I have installed the 14 day free trial about 3 days ago, should I un-install that free trial before installing the purchased version or will it just over write the trial software?  Any tips or tricks you might know of would be appreciated.  I know this sounds like a dumb question but you guys are so efficient with these blogs I would be an idiot not to ask first.


  Thanks in advance for the suggestions and I will check my responses after I return from walking the dogs at the park today  100 degrees here at 7pm  Smiley Frustrated

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Re: Just purchased WebRoot SecureAnywhere 3 device Antivirus 2013

Hey there and congrats on the purchase!


I think all you need to do is open Webroot, click the My Account tab at the top right.  In there, you will see your trial key code, and a link in blue right below it "Activate New Key Code"


Click that, enter your new paid for key code, and that is it!


NOTE: If you had activated your Account Console you may need to have some help in migrating your account from the Trial to the paid key code in order to use Password Management features. 



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Re: Just purchased WebRoot SecureAnywhere 3 device Antivirus 2013

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Hi Bob,


To add what David said you can run the trial till it's finished and if you did setup your My Webroot Online Console you can click on your email address at the top right in there and then on the drop down click Manage Keycodes then add the new Keycode and when your ready just install the new Keycode and do a scan then you will all set, it starts counting down on the first install and activation also it the same download file for all 3 and the keycode turns on certain features you paid for so Webroot made it very simple. Smiley Wink






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Re: Just purchased WebRoot SecureAnywhere 3 device Antivirus 2013

Congrats Bob on becoming a Webroot Family Member. 

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